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Gore mutual insurance

Gore Mutual Insurance Company is one of Canada’s first property and liability insurance businesses, having been founded on a strong financial foundation for over 180 years.

they a Canadian mutual insurer dedicated to providing exceptional insurance products and services to consumers while also supporting communities across the country through the Gore Mutual Foundation.

they collaborate with insurance brokers to identify the best options for you.

Gore mutual insurance information and email support

Website https://www.goremutual.ca/
Phone Number 1-844-974-GORE(4673) / 519-623-1910
Fax number  1-800-601-9773
Headquarters Location 252 Dundas Street North (P.O. Box 70)

Cambridge, Ontario, N1R 5T3

Customer service email address claimsreporting@goremutual.ca
Facebook @gore mutual insurance
Twitter @gore mutual insurance
Linkdin @gore mutual insurance

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252 Dundas Street North (P.O. Box 70)

Cambridge, Ontario, N1R 5T3

Call :- 1-844-974-GORE(4673) / 519-623-1910

Fax :- 1-800-601-9773

1780 One Bentall Centre, 505 Burrard Street

Vancouver, British Columbia, V7X 1M6

Call :- 1-800-663-9437 / 604-682-0998

 Fax :- 1-800-601-9773

 phone number
Call :- 1-844-974-GORE(4673) / 519-623-1910

 Fax :- 1-800-601-9773

Call :- 1-800-663-9437 / 604-682-0998

 Fax :- 1-800-601-9773

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Gore Mutual insurance review

I’ve been with Gore since July 2020, I had zero convictions and no reason for my rate to be increased. Then a week after my policy was renewed this July I received a letter in the mail saying my rate was now over $250 more than what it was before. Never was I once contacted about these changes, even though their policy states that every customer has the right to be informed at least 30 days prior of any policy changes. They removed all my discounts applied before as well as my driver training. They ended up charging me $800 between the cancellation and my first month of my new policy. I’m with belairdirect now and have no issues, and an excellent rate. I hope Gore feels really good about robbing an 18 year old student for $800. This company is fraud.


Had a vehicle total loss 4 weeks ago. They finally made me an offer last week of half of the fair market value.  They told me if I wanted to try to find comparables I could but they had to be from Ontario.  Meanwhile the comparable they used to come up with an offer was in Alberta and sold a long time ago.  Not a comparable at all!  I’ve sent them every comparable add in Ontario and still no further offers

Chad Boal

  1. Is there any accident forgiveness at Gore Mutual?

Gore provides coverage to protect a driver’s good driving record by forgiving your first at-fault collision. You may be able to claim for the costs of a rental car if you are unable to drive your own vehicle.





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